Version Release Notes

Review the changed features, fixed features, security fixes, and known limitations in Version for Automation Anywhere Control Room, Enterprise Client, and Bot Insight.

Important: When you install the Control Room Version patch on any of the versions, such as Version 11.3.5, Version, or Version, when adding the service and Elasticsearch credentials (Service Credentials and Provide Elasticsearch Credentials screen), enter the same password that you provided in the previous version (Version 11.3.5, Version, or Version

See Enterprise 11 upgrade considerations.

Changed features

Control Room
V2 activity list API status values updated in Swagger docs (Service Cloud case ID: 00680391)

The Swagger docs are now updated to display status values, which you can use for filters in the V2 activity list API.

Enterprise Client
JRE1.8.0_281 support in Object Cloning command (Service Cloud case ID: 00675778, 00772236)

The Object Cloning command now supports JRE1.8.0_281. You can use the command to perform actions on the drop-down menu on Java applications.

Fixed features

Control Room
Service Cloud case ID Description
00770637 You can now create users or edit users in the Control Room when you upgrade from Version 11.3.5 with SMTP enabled to Version Previously, users could not be created or edited.
00664059, 00690283, 00725740 When multiple tasks are simultaneously scheduled on the same Bot Runner user and Bot Runner machine, tasks are now queued and executed successfully by the player. Previously, the tasks were not queued and executed by the player.
00608673, 00628894, 00608673, 00743540, 00783731 The Modified By field now correctly displays information about users who have modified the schedule on the Schedule activity page. Previously, the Modified By field intermittently displayed incorrect results, such as displaying information about users who did not have permission to run the schedule.
00473844 A single task that is scheduled from the Control Room is no longer executed twice.
00779486 A work item is now processed only once, without any issues. Previously, the work item was processed twice, resulting in duplicate values.
00685074 The response time for the Credentials and My bots pages is now improved so that the time taken for operations performed on these pages is reduced. Previously, operations on these pages took more time to execute.
00350629 Work item data is no longer truncated even if it contains backslashes. Previously, backslashes were considered special characters, and the work item data was truncated.
00645504, 00651395, 00743154 Tasks are now shown in the Activity tab when the Enterprise Client application path is set to a UNC path.
00669201 When you add a space at the start or end of a Control Room server IP address in the file, the installer now trims all the spaces in the IP address. You can also view details of two-node host names in the Control Room settings page when you install Version 11.3.5 Control Room nodes and apply the Version patch.
00773203 You can now access the historical activities page faster than previously.
00775782 The Control Room Diagnostic Utility report now shows the correct Database Reachability status.
00784252 The response time of the repository API is now improved; the time taken by the API to load the repository page is now reduced.
00686089 The user management API now retrieves the correct result from the database when the length filter is applied. Previously, with the length filter, the API retrieved incorrect results.
Enterprise Client
Service Cloud case ID Description
00739550 You no longer encounter any issue when you create a bot using the Send Email command to send emails using Exchange Web Services (EWS) with an Excel file as an attachment. You can now use the same Excel file in the Database command to connect with the database.
00520866, 00559534, 00666278 You can now create a bot using the Manage Window Controls command to capture an object and perform actions such as Click, Get Name Text, or Get Value Text. Previously, when you used this command and executed the task for a long time, bot execution failed intermittently.
00728546 The Object Cloning command now correctly captures control text that contains special characters. All the properties of the captured control text are now displayed. Previously, the command did not capture the control text and its properties if the text contained special characters.
00684300 You can now deploy a bot containing more than 700 variables passed through an API successfully. Previously, the player failed to execute the bot when more than 700 variables were passed through an API.
00653050 During bot deployment, you can now successfully pass parameters containing the equal sign (=) special character in multiple places in a REST API call. Previously, if the parameter contained an equal sign, the call failed with an authentication error because the parameter was not encoded.
00572743 The Read From CSV/Text command now appropriately trims the data per the selected Trim option > Leading Space(s) or Trailing Space(s). Previously, the command trimmed the data from left (leading space) regardless of whether the Trim option was selected or not.
00669381 A configuration option is now available to ensure that the last modified date reflects the date and time when a workflow is edited rather than executed.

To ensure that the date field is not modified when the workflow is executed, apply the following configuration within the <player> tag in the AA.Settings.xml file:<options><updatedatetimeafterworkflowexecution>false</updatedatetimeafterworkflowexecution></options>

00670582 The Show Terminal Window check box option in the Connect Terminal Emulator command now functions correctly when you select or deselect the option with or without Advanced Technology.
00725740 When you run multiple scheduled tasks from the Control Room to the Enterprise Client for the same Bot Runner user, the user tasks are now queued and run on priority per task.
00683028 The Split Document command now splits a single PDF file into multiple PDF files and displays all the content correctly. Previously, when the command was used, the output was not displayed correctly.
Bot Insight
Service Cloud case ID Description
00649562, 00733391, 00730914 A user with the Bot Insight administrator role can now delete published dashboards. Previously, a user with this role could not delete published dashboards, and an error was displayed.

Security fixes

Control Room
Service Cloud case ID Description
00702503 Added functionality to ensure Referrer-Policy is included in headers.
00771267 Added functionality to detect and reject aapkg files with attachments that contain paths outside of the repository.
00496174 Added functionality to enhance certificate validation.
00635551 Added functionality to prevent CSV injection in export audit logs function.

Known limitations

Control Room
You cannot uninstall Version if you have applied the patch over Version 11.3.5, Version, or Version
When you upgrade the Control Room to Version from Version 11.3.5 or Version, you will experience a downtime while performing a high availability (HA) setup.

Before you start the upgrade, pause all the WLM queues and ensure no Work Items are in progress.

Enterprise 11 upgrade considerations

Bot Insight
When you use the GET and POST methods of Bot Insight APIs to retrieve required data from the Oracle Database, the following error message might be displayed in the BI_Service.log file: ORA-01873: the leading precision of the interval is too small.

Workaround: To resolve the error, perform the following steps. Ensure that you have access to the Create view script to change the database view.

  1. Open the Oracle SQL developer workbench to verify the active Oracle Database server connection.
  2. Go to the Control Room database and expand the Views section.
  3. Right-click and select the Edit option from the context menu for API_JOBEXECUTION_USERS_DEVICES.
  4. In the SQL Query tab of the Edit view window, replace 86400 with 24*60*60 in the extract method.
  5. Click Test to validate the updated SQL query.
  6. Click Ok.
  7. Click the Data tab in the View window of the API_JOBEXECUTION_USERS_DEVICES and verify the retrieved data.
  8. Restart the Automation Anywhere Bot Insight Service.
When you upgrade to Version, the BI post-installation migration tasks might take a long time to execute and therefore the installer wizard screen might not respond for some time. Do not interrupt the tasks; the installation will be completed without any issue. After the installation is successfully completed, when you access the Bot Insight page, the Home dashboard is sometimes not displayed.