Set work item result command

Use this command to view the result of a workload automation that was added using the Insert work item command.


If you have not done so already, review the required conditions to use the Workload command.

The Set work item result command combined with the system variable $WorkItemResult$ enables a user to display the output or result of a work item for further processing. For example, the result can be logged to a file for future reference or shared with a customer via a chat application or Chatbot.


  1. Double-click or drag the Set work item result to the Task Actions List pane.
    The Workload window appears with the the list of queues for which you have a Participant privilege.
    This command can be used only if the bot in which it is being added is linked to a Queue category.
  2. Press the F2 key to insert a variable.
  3. Select the system variable $WorkItemResult$ which is added to the command window.
  4. Click Save.