Enabling Version Control

You can upload the bots from Control Room repository to SVN repository by enabling version control settings.

To enable version control for bots follow the steps given below:


  1. Select AdministrationSettingsBots
  2. Click Edit.
    The page opens in edit mode.
  3. Select Enabled.
  4. Enter the following details:
    1. Subversion server name - Provide hostname of subversion server.
    2. Subversion repository path - Provide the SVN repository path.

    The Subversion repository path is case sensitive. For example, if your repository path is \svn\V11SVNRepo and you enter \SVN\V11SVNRepo, the Control Room will not be able to connect to the Subversion Server.

    The SVN repository must be empty if you are enabling these settings or switching from an old configured repository to new SVN repository.

    You can configure only upto three levels of repository path.

    Tip: You can copy these details from the VisualSVN Server Manager as shown.
  5. Select option for assigning bot production version manually or automatically when you enable version control or configure version control to another Subversion repository.
    The production version of a bot is must for a schedule to run on the selected bot, Your schedules will not be triggered unless the scheduled bots have their production versions set.
    • Use Do not assign "Production versions." I will do so manually when you want to manually assign a production version for bots. Use this option when you want to set production versions in a controlled manner.

    • Use Automatically assign the latest version of a bot to be its "Production version" when you want the Control Room to automatically select the latest version of bots to production version.
  6. Select Connection Type under Server settings.
    You can select any of the following protocols to connect to SVN:
    • http - This is the default option
    • https - This can be selected when the SVN is configured to use the https protocol
    • svn+ssh - This option can be selected when the SVN is configured to use the SSH protocol. This option is recommended as it allows for faster and more secure processing of version control operations.
  7. Provide the Subversion server port number that is assigned for SVN.
    Ensure the port number is between 1 and 65535.
  8. Provide your SVN Login credentials - Username and Password.
    The details for Subversion path and Files last uploaded are updated after you configure version control. The default path of Control Room files is also displayed.
  9. Save changes.
    Note: If VCS was earlier configured and you switch to a different Subversion repository, the bot version history is not stored. See Impact of enabling and disabling version control section for details.