Prepare for migration

Prepare the environment at the source and destination Control Room. This involves ensuring access to applications in the source Control Room, installing and setting up the destination Control Room, other configuration setting changes in both, and more.

Plan the migration process by reviewing the considerations before preparing the source and destination Control Room.

The required activities in the system hosting the source Control Room are as follows:
  • Access the Control Room v10.x* repository path through a shared drive. Map the 10.x repository path set to the local drive to a shared path and provide read access to the 11.x administrator.
  • Gather and make a record of the following information:
    • Credentials to connect to Control Room v10.x* SQL Server database.
    • Master key to connect to the Credential Vault of Control Room v10.x*.
    • Credentials to connect to the Bot Insight SQL database (applicable only if using bot Insight with Control Room v10.x*).
    • URL of Bot Insight metadata database.

The required activities in the system hosting the destination Control Room are as follows:

  • Set up a new infrastructure (that is separate from a 10.x* environment) with Automation Anywhere v11.x.x Control Room already installed.
  • Install the Control Room 11.x.x license.
  • Access the migration wizard by logging in to the Control Room as an administrator.

    The administrator has View and Manage Migration permission.

  • Configure the Credential Vault.
  • Configure version control settings.

    If version control is enabled in 10.x Control Room, enable the same in the 11.x.x Control Room manually because the settings for version control are not migrated. Use a fresh Subversion database for 11.x.x which is different from a 10.x Subversion database. See Control Room settings.

  • Start the SQL database service if it is not running.
  • Provide the user, who has the permission to run the destination Control Room Microsoft Windows Services on the source database, access on the source database, if Windows Authentication is used to connect to the source database.
  • Import the source Control Room certificates to the Java trust store if using a secure connection, as follows:
    1. Run the command prompt in administrator mode.
    2. From the Automation Anywhere installation path, for example, C:\Program Files\Automation Anywhere\Enterprise, type or paste the following command at the prompt:
      jre\bin\java -jar certmgr.jar -appDir "C:\Program Files\Automation Anywhere\Enterprise" -importTrustCert "<Certificate Path>"
  • Set the property of log files in the 11.x.x database to Enable Autogrowth to allow for maximum data processing during migration. See the following figure of the Windows UI screen:

    Windows UI database properties screen to set Enable Autogrowth.

*includes Automation Anywhere 10 LTS, 10 SP2, and hot fixes with these as the base version.

After you finish

Start the migration process from the destination Control Room interface.