Publishing COE dashboard

When you publish a COE dashboard, it collects the Bot run data and merges it with the business information. The merged data is referred to as the COE data source. A published COE dashboard gets updated with new data every hour.

After publishing, the Bot Insight engine runs every hour to collect the new Bot run data, merges it with the business information, and adds the merged data to the COE data source. This ensures that you get the latest information on the ROI for your RPA program.

You can also edit the business information after publishing the dashboard. The updated information appears when the Bot Insight engine collects the data from the Control Room for the bots that are run from that point on.

Note: You must have either the AAE_Bot Insight Admin or the AAE_COE_Admin role assigned to you to be able to publish a COE dashboard.

To publish a COE dashboard, do the following:


  1. Open the COE dashboard that you want to publish. See Viewing a CoE dashboard.
  2. You can configure or customize the COE dashboard. See Configuring a CoE dashboard and Customizing CoE dashboard.
  3. Click Publish on the toolbar.
  4. Specify a name with which you want to publish the dashboard in the Name field, and then click Okay.
    The CoE dashboard is published and available to other users.

    The Business Information tab appears in the read-only mode in the Analyze tab for the published CoE dashboard.

    How does a new bot appears on a dashboard?

    When a new bot is uploaded and run on the production environment, it automatically appears on the dashboard with default values setup in the Business Information tab. You can edit the information available in the Business Information tab to update the metadata for these bots. You do not need to re-publish an existing CoE dashboard as they automatically reference the business information that is configured.