Smart recording example

Useful, specific automation example using the Smart Recorder.

Capture the manual task of changing the timezone settings from the system control panel on a PC laptop. The following is a general example of how this task can be automated.


  1. Navigate to and open the system control panel.
    Staging the action to record. In this case, the action to record is the act of selecting a link from the control panel window.
  2. Navigate to Enterprise Client and click New.
  3. Select Smart Recorder.
  4. Click Record.
  5. Select Control Panelfrom the list and click Start.
    The task is now being recorded. Proceed with the process to be automated. For this specific example, the following actions will be recorded.
    1. Click Date and Time in the control panel window.
    2. Select Clock and Region.
    3. Click Change the time zone.
    4. Click Change time zone....
    5. Select Time zone from the list.
    6. Click OK.
    7. Click OK on the Date and Time window. This represents the final recorded step in this task.
  6. Click Stop to stop recording.
    Users are prompted to save the recorded task.
  7. Specify the file name and directory. Click Save.

Next steps

The entire session has been recorded as a series of objects which can be viewed and edited in the Workbench.