Version 11.3.3 Release Notes

These release notes describe new features, changed features, fixed features, security fixes, deprecated features, and known limitations in Version 11.3.3 for Automation Anywhere Control Room, Enterprise Client, and Bot Insight.

New features

Control Room new features
Feature Description
Bot Store integration
Enhanced user interface to set the time value when scheduling a bot (Zendesk # 96099)

When scheduling a bot, you can set the Start and End time by selecting a time value from the drop-down list, which contains pre-defined time values in the 12-hour format at intervals of 15 minutes. This enables you to quickly select the time from the list, or manually set the time for the values that are not available. See Enterprise 11: Schedule a bot.

Filter work item results (Zendesk # 151417) The Work Item Results column is introduced in the Work Items view table on the Queues page to quickly filter the work item results. You can use this to take the necessary actions on the queue tables.

See Enterprise 11: Actions allowed on view queue page.