Enterprise Client installation

Review the installation core tasks and topics for installing Enterprise Client on any machine running a supported operating system.

The Enterprise Client provides the interface for Bot Creator and Bot Runner. It is installed on any device running the supported operating system. The installer executable, Automation_Anywhere_Enterprise_Client_<version>.exe, is included in the Setup folder download.

Enterprise Client installation core tasks

Step 1: Pre-installation
Review and verify the requirements and options before installing Enterprise Client.
Enterprise 11 client prerequisites
Verify the machine and configuration you are using to install the Enterprise Client.
Citrix integration
Automation Anywhere Enterprise integration with Citrix enables creating bots that run tasks on remote Citrix Virtual Apps servers. Integration with Citrix also enables installing Enterprise Client on Citrix XenDesktop virtual machines and creating bots that run tasks on those Citrix XenDesktop virtual machines.
Enterprise Client install wizard checklist
Prepare your responses for the list of the fields and options presented when you are running the Enterprise Client installer wizard.
Users management
As an administrator, you can create, view, edit, delete, and enable or disable a user. Creating users steps vary depending on whether the user is a non-Active Directory, Active Directory, or single sign-on (SSO) user from an IdP server.
Step 2: Installation
Installing the Enterprise Client
Complete the listed steps to install the Enterprise Client on your machine.
Silent installation response file
You can perform a silent Enterprise Client installation, also known as unattended installation. It requires a response file, Setup.iss, that is created by recording a first time installation. Silent installation runs the entire installation process in the background, on subsequent machines, without requiring user interaction or displaying messages.
Installing dual Enterprise Clients
Automation Anywhere Version 11.3 or greater can be installed on the same machine as, (in parallel with) Enterprise Client Version 10.x. This is called dual Enterprise Clients.
Step 3: Post-installation
Enterprise 11: Configure post installation settings
After you finish installing the Control Room and Enterprise Client, ensure the following items are configured. These configuration settings ensure timely Automation Anywhere communications.
Enterprise 11: Verifying Automation Anywhere Windows services
Automation Anywhere specific Windows services are installed when the Control Room is deployed.
Enterprise 11: Configuring Access Manager Reverse Proxy
Configure an Access Manager Reverse Proxy server, such as IBM WebSEAL, to enable secure communication, using mutual authentication between the Enterprise Client and the Control Room
Step 4: Validation
Logging in to Enterprise Client
Logging into your Enterprise Client, requires that you have a login to an Control Room.
Troubleshooting login errors
Basic troubleshooting practices for login errors.
Log files and locations
When you deploy Automation Anywhere Enterprise, several log files are created and stored in default locations.