Add bots and dependencies

Add bots and dependent files to the automation using Run bot with queue.


You can run only Unattended Bots. You cannot run Attended Bots from the .


  1. Go to Activity > Scheduled, Bots > My Bots, or Workload > Queues page.
    You are taken to the Bots > My bots page.
  2. Click Run bot with queue.
    Note: If version control is enabled, you can choose either the latest version or the production version of the Bots.
  3. Select a TaskBot to process in the queue from the Folders list.
    By default, the My Tasks folder is selected.
    Tip: Use Search to find a file quickly.
  4. Go to the folder that contains the required Task Bot.
  5. Click Add.
    If the Task Bot has any dependent files, they are shown in the Bot + Dependencies tab above the file selection.
  6. Optional: Review the list of dependent files, if available.
  7. Optional: Click Replace to select another bot instead of the selected one.
  8. Click Next to Add queues and device pools.