Insert Keystrokes command

Use this command to automate the typing of keystrokes in English, German, French, Italian, or Spanish characters.

Select Window drop-down list
Select the title of the application in which you want to type keystrokes.
  • If the window is running but does not appear in the list, click Refresh
  • Applications that you have already referenced in the Task Bot / MetaBot Logic are listed at the top of the drop-down list. Applications that are currently open are listed below the dotted line.
For applications that change titles:
If the name of the application window title changes over time, insert a wild card character (*) at the start or end of the window title. This ensures that the application is consistently found when running the Logic.
For example, to ensure the Microsoft Excel application is always found, use 'Microsoft Excel*' or '*Excel' or '*Excel*'.
Keystrokes text box
Type or Copy-Paste the text.
To insert special keystrokes such as Control, Shift, or Tab, select the button below Special Keystrokes.
For example, if you want the Task Bot / MetaBot Logic to type Ctrl + C in an application, click Ctrl Down, type C, then click Ctrl Up. The Keystrokes window displays: [CTRL DOWN]c[CTRL UP].
Keystroke Encryption check box
Select the check box to prevent your Task Bot / MetaBot Logics from being altered by unauthorized users. This option hides sensitive information or passwords that are typed using the Keystrokes command
Add a delay
The default delay is 0 (Zero) milliseconds.