Schedule automated tasks to run.

Scheduling tasks from Enterprise Client

Users with an Attended Bot Runner license can no longer create, edit, or delete schedules using the Enterprise Client. Task Bots already scheduled by the same user or a different user from the same machine will continue to be executed based on the previously defined schedule.

In addition, the SCHEDULE tab is no longer visible to the users with the Attended Bot Runner license.

Automated tasks and process workflows can be scheduled. Click the SCHEDULE tab in the Enterprise Client to view configuration options:
Schedule for every day, only weekdays, or every two days, etc.
Schedule for a specific day or days of the week.
Schedule for specific day or days of the month.
One time only
Schedule the task to run only for a single event.
Upon start
Schedule task to run when the computer is started.
Upon login.
Schedule task to run upon logging in.
When the computer is idle
At points when the computer is idle, the task will be scheduled to run.