Assemble a basic MetaBot

After creating all the logic, variables, and other components of a MetaBot, the pieces need to be assembled to make a functioning MetaBot.


The Manage variables in an advanced MetaBot task must be completed successfully before you can complete this task.

Verify that you have the following access and permissions:


  1. Open the LOGIC created in Add Logic and local variables to a basic MetaBot.
  2. From the Workbench Commands tab, drag the Variable Operation command and drop it on the "Execute 'SayHiTo' task.
  3. Under Specify Variable, select MyInputName
  4. In the Variable Operation dialog, click in the Specify value field.
  5. Press the F2 key to open the insert variable dialog.
  6. Select MyInputName and click Insert.
  7. Click Save.
  8. Move the Variable Operation to the top of the task.
  9. Drag and drop the Message Box command to the Actions List.
  10. Click in the Please enter message to show the user field.
  11. Press the F2 key to open the Insert Variable dialog.
  12. Select MyMessage and click Insert.
  13. Click Save in the Message Box dialog window.
  14. Click Save in the Workbench.

Next steps

To verify that the MetaBot works as expected, read Verify a basic MetaBot works.