Enterprise 11: Edit a credential

Control Room user can edit details of a credential. This is useful in scenarios where you might want to make changes to your credential definition and value.

If a credential type is user-provided, then locker consumers have permission to edit the credential and their credential value.


  1. Click Bots > Credentials
  2. Select the credential and click Edit credential.
    If your credential is assigned to a locker, then you can only edit the value of common attribute. And if the attribute is user-provided, then the locker consumers can edit the value.
  3. In the Edit credentials page, and make the required changes.

    If email notification setting is enabled and credentials are added to a locker, then all the locker consumers shall receive an email. Learn more

    • A credential can be edited by a credential owner, or if the credential type is user-provided then locker consumers can edit the credential value.
    • In case of user-provided credential, you can only edit General information such as adding or removing a locker.

    • In case of standard credential, you can edit General information such as adding or removing a locker and Attribute detail such as the credential value.

  4. After you complete editing the credential, click Save changes or click Cancel to undo the changes.
    The maximum limit of credential attributes that is allowed is 50. Hence, if you have upgraded to the current version from 11.1.2 or less, and have migrated credentials that have more than 50 attributes, when editing that particular credential, the following message is displayed:
    Credentials can only have a maximum of 50 attributes.
    To continue, remove the additional attributes that cannot be saved and add those to a new credential.