Add work items

Add work items from an Excel or CSV file to the queue.

Tip: You can also add work items later by editing the queue. See Enterprise 11: Edit queues.

When adding work items, ensure that the work item values are valid and non-empty. For example, if the work item column data type is Number, then the work item value for that column must have a numeric value. Similarly, for the Date type of the data type. If the values for Number or Date data types are invalid or empty, then the corresponding work item is marked as Data Error.

Workload management work item life cycle

However, if the work item column data type is Text and if you have not provided any value, the work item is still marked as Ready to run. You can edit the work item and provide appropriate values. The Edit work item page also allows you to change the work item status.

Enterprise 11: Edit work items


  1. Click Browse to select an Excel or CSV file.
    The file is added as a work item in the queue.
  2. Click Create Queue.
The queue is successfully added at the top of the Queues list. You can choose to apply the column sorting to view as required.
Note: When you upload work items from an .xls or .xlsx file with data type as text, the Excel file column populated with a date in any format (for example, 8/6/2019) is converted to its corresponding workload management date format (for example, Sat Jun 08 00:00:00) in the Control Room Work Item. However, the same is not applicable to a .csv file.

Next steps

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