Verifying the data populated in customized dashboard

After you create a custom dashboard that contains new widgets or customized widgets from the system-generated dashboards, you can verify the data that gets populated in the dashboard.

To verify whether data is properly populated in a customized dashboard, do the following:


  1. Open the task for which you want to verify the data in the Enterprise Client.
  2. Click Run on the toolbar.
  3. Click the ANALYZE tab.
    The system-generated dashboard for the task appears.

    The Dashboards cannot be generated message appears when you do not have at least one numeric variable tagged for analytics in the automation task. The KPIs and numbers represent the type of information that is plotted in the dashboards and analyzed over a time line, across attributes (geographical, product category, and customer group).

    Note: If you are unable to view a recently published dashboard in the Analyze tab, ensure that you have the required permissions to perform the particular automation task. These permissions have restrictions based on Role Based Access Control.
  4. Click the Analyze tab in the Bot Insight window and search for the customized dashboard for which you want to verify the data.
  5. Select the dashboard from the search results.
    The dashboard appears.
  6. Click the Data Profile tab and verify the data for the dashboard.