Activity overview

Use the Activity management page to view activities that are scheduled and are in progress. Also view a historical chronology of activities performed on a bot.

To view the information in the Activity section of the Control Room, ensure you have View everyone's In progress activity, View my scheduled bots, and View my bots privileges with appropriate folder level permissions.

See Enterprise 11: Bot permissions for a role.

Manage activities

Monitor in progress activity
Monitor the ongoing automation activities, which you have triggered or scheduled from the In progress activity page of the Control Room. Manage one or more automation activities using the pause, stop, or resume operation.
View and manage activities
View and manage activities that are scheduled from the Scheduled Activity page. Access the Scheduled activity page by logging in to the Control Room and clicking Activity > Scheduled.
Manage historical activity
The Historical activity page captures and chronologically lists the automations that have occurred. Use this page to run the activity again and perform other tasks, such as export the data in the table in CSV format, customize columns, or refresh the list in the table.

Perform actions

Enterprise 11: Run a bot
Bots must be checked into an Control Room repository so that they are available for production deployment. Users with Run my bots privileges can then deploy and execute the bots from the In progress, Scheduled, or My Bots page.
Enterprise 11: Run bot with queue
Collectively process all work items of a queue across all the Bot Runners present in one or more device pools.
Enterprise 11: Schedule a bot
To run a bot at a later point in time, on a periodic basis, or at a specific point in time, use the Schedule bot page.