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Automation Anywhere Version 11.3

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Version Release Notes

  • Updated: 3/10/2021
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Version Release Notes

Release date: 10 March 2021

Review the new features and known limitations in Version for Automation Anywhere Control Room. There are no changed features, fixed features, or security fixes in this release. Only the Control Room patch installer is available in this release.

The Control Room Version update is available for the base Version 11.3.1.

See Upgrade considerations.

New features

Control Room
Configure external key vault

You can now configure an external key vault in the Control Room. When the connection is established with the external key vault, you can change the credential identifier details for the database, SMTP, and Active Directory integration in the configured key vault.

You cannot directly uninstall the Version patch or upgrade to Version 11.3.4 or Version 11.3.5 if an external key vault connection is enabled. You must unmap the CyberArk credentials before you uninstall the patch or upgrade to Version 11.3.4 or Version 11.3.5.

Configure external key vault | Uninstalling Version patch

Known limitations

Control Room
You cannot upgrade to Version 11.3.2 and Version 11.3.3 from Version because these upgrade paths are not supported.
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