Log on to Control Room hosted in Active Directory or Kerberos mode

To log in to the Control Room hosted in Active Directory or Kerberos mode, select the domain and then enter your credentials.


  1. Double-click the Automation Anywhere Control Room icon on your desktop or enter the Control Room URL on your Web browser and press the Enter key.
    The Log in screen is displayed.
  2. In the Log in screen
    • For single forest multi-domain environment, do the following:
      • Domain: Select the domain of the Active Directory.
      • Username: Enter your Active Directory user name.
      • Password: Enter your Active Directory password.

        Click the Log in option. The login details are authenticated directly with the Active Directory domain controller when you log in.

    • For Kerberos environment, click the Log in with Windows option.

      You do not have to enter your user name and password. You will be logged in with your current Windows account.

      If you are a first-time user, the Control Room home page displays a first time login message; otherwise, the date and time of your last successful login is displayed in the user profile section.
    • Your session will timeout in 20 minutes after you log in and the session is idle for that time period unless configured in the settings. See login and session settings.
    • Multiple sessions of the same user account is not allowed. If you are logged in at one instance and later log in to another instance (for example, a different browser on the same machine or a different machine, you are allowed to log in with a new session. However, when you perform a new request in the earlier session, you will be logged out.
    • If the domain controller credentials have expired, the list of domains is not available. To troubleshoot, see Reset Active Directory credentials.