Feature comparison matrix

Compare features between different product releases.

Control Room version feature matrix

Feature Version 11 Version 10
Active Directory with security groups for Control Room roles Y -
API: based deployment Y Y
API: bot deployment Y Y
API: bot login credentials Y -
APIs: Credential Vault Y -
APIs data migration Y -
API: retrieve license information Y -
Audit Detailed with changes Basic
Active Directory security groups - support of edit mapping Y -
AWS open distro for Elasticsearch Y -
Bot lifecycle management Y -
Bot Runner health check Y -
Bot Runner session on Control Room Y Y
Bot Store integration Y -
Centralized bot deployment Y Y
Centralized licensing Y Y
Centralized scheduling Advanced with Repeat option Basic
Credential Vault Advanced with RBAC, Lockers Standard
Configurable password policy Y -
Create/rename folders in Control Room Y -
Customizable help links Y Y
Configurable Control Room inactivity session time-out Y -
Dashboard Graphical, drilldown UI Basic
Data migration Web-based tool Desktop Utility
Data storage SQL Database SQL Database
Duplicate login notification box for non-AD users Y -
Email notifications Y Y
Export data to CSV Audit Log, and Historical Activity pages Y -
GUID uniqueness in the repository Y -
High Availability mode Y Y
Hosting technology Java IIS
Installer validates database user for permissions Y -
Load balancing Y Y
Linguify libraries update to make the translation more contextual Y -
Mode of authentication SSO, AD (with Kerberos), non-AD AD, non-AD
Multi-domain support Y Y
Operations room Detailed Standard
Processing Work Items on devices page Y -
Role Based Access Control Y Y
Roles and permissions Y Y
RDP based deployment with legal disclaimers enabled Y -
Run auto-discovery periodically as cron job Y -
SSO Authentication - Provision to send signed authentication request to IDP from Control Room Y -
SQL 2016 support Y -
Type Web Web
Two-factor authentication Y -
User Interface Rich and responsive UI Controls Standard Web UI
Users and Roles import and export Y -
Version control integration Y Y
View user basic permissions Y -
Workload management Y -

Enterprise Client version feature matrix

The Enterprise Client includes Bot Creator and Bot Runner

Feature Version 11 Version 10
AISense Y -
Attended Automation, turn off schedule creation Y -
Attended bot runner:
  • Auto update bots from CR

  • Download/execute parent tasks files

Y -
Auto Login support for Citrix logoff Y -
Auto mode in OCR Y -
Bot obfuscation AES-256 algorithm Basic 3DES
Bot dependencies deletion (In case no longer associated) Y -
MetaBot obfuscation Y -
Task Bot obfuscation Y -
Zip package export Y -
Citrix certified Enterprise Client Y -
Citrix certified Enterprise Client remote agent Y -
Command-line login to Enterprise Client Y -
Command added: None Y -
Devices dashboard new widgets:
  • Bot Device Utilization Widget - Bar Chart
  • Bot Device Utilization Widget - Pivot table

Use to analyze the load on client runner machines. (Wrapped on top of RBAC)

Y -
Dictionary variable for all commands Y -
Disaster Recovery of Bot Runner Y -
Domain list support for Control Room login Y -
Dynamic DOMXPath with Object Cloning support Y -
Dynamic Java automation Y Y
Ease of Use (drag and drop) Y Y
Email automation, user defined port configuration supported Y -
Excel session sharing with sub-task Y -
Excel create file using Create File command Y -
Google Chrome extension with different IDs supported Y -
Google Chrome enhancement:
  • MetaBot support in MSAA
  • Object Cloning
  • Provision to uninstall Chrome plug-in
Y -
IQ Bot Y (Centralized platform) Y (Basic training)
Japanese language support Y -
Japanese text sent in provisioned encoding combo-box in VT100 Terminals with Advanced Technology enabled. Y -
Korean language support for $Email Subject$ system variable. Y -
Linguify batch file reinstall with updated MSI, does not require reinstalling Enterprise Client Y -
Linguify libraries update making the translation more contextual Y -
MetaBot Y Y
MetaBot support in Google Chrome - MSAA Y -
MetaBot folders Y -
Microsoft Edge browser support Y -
Microsoft Exchange Web Service Y
Microsoft Exchange Web Service with OAuth 2 support
  • Email Automation
  • Send email
  • Properties
  • Error Handling
  • Email Trigger
Y -
Microsoft logo certification Y -
Windows 10 Y -
Microsoft Windows Server 2016 Y -
Multi-user support (Citrix/Terminal server) Y Y
MWC v6.0 Legacy Player As of Version 11.3.4 no longer supported
Number of Commands 480+ 480+
Object cloning technology selection Y -
OCR engine integration Y Y
Online help Y Y
Packaging bot dependencies Y Y
Quick command replication Y -
Recorders Smart Recorder, Web Recorder, Screen Recorder Smart Recorder, Web Recorder, Screen Recorder
Resolution independent IR Y -
Secure recording Y Y
SAP Integration command for native object Y -
Service insight bot integration within Enterprise Client Y -
Terminal emulator connection with two Enterprise Client versions Y -
Terminal emulator Model IBM-5555-xxx DBCS Y -
Terminal emulator Search field by Field Text Y -
Terminal emulator VT220 Y -
Unique GUID in Repository Y -
Upgraded linguify libraries for more contextual translation. Y -
Workbench integration Y -

Bot Insight version feature matrix

Feature Version 11 Version 2.1
Bot Insight customizable Operation dashboard Y N
Data connector for Power BI Y N
deletetasklogdata API parameter update for RunId Y N
Bot Utilization Heat Map widget Y N
Denser dashboards Y -
COE dashboard API request parameters - limit, activity status, botName Y -
getTaskLogData API parameter update for limit, and toDate (default system date) Y -
getTaskVariableProfile API parameter update for toDate (default system date) Y -
getBotRunData API parameter update for toDate (default system date) Y -
Bot Device Utilization Widget - Bar Chart Y -
Bot Device Utilization Widget - Pivot table Y -
Support for business data delete API Y -
Data caching improvements Y -
Double byte data visualizations Y Y
Fluid visualization engine Y -
High Availability Y Y
Installer Integrated installer Separate installer
Multi-domain support Y Y
Note: "-" indicates not available and "Y" indicates available feature.