Database backup and recovery for Control Room

Create a full database backup of the Automation Anywhere database and the file system where you store the configuration files and bots.

Important: Verify that your database backups and file system backups are in sync in order to maintain consistency between the DB and the file system for recovery efforts.

Back up the following installation and configuration files. This includes:

  • Bot Creator schedules configuration files
  • Auto Login configuration files
  • Enterprise Client configuration files
  • Database configuration files

For Automation Anywhere database backup and recovery processes, follow your standard best practices.

Backup and recovery using Windows SQL

When you use SQL for your database:

Configure Windows SQL to integrate with Automation Anywhere. See Enterprise 11: Working with SQL Servers.

For complete information, see the Windows documentation:

Alternatively, manage the backup and recovery processes based on third party applications such as SQL Server Management Studio. Then automate this process using an Automation Anywhere bot.