Bots dashboard

The Bots dashboard displays various widgets that provide information about deployed bots such as resource consumption, scheduled to run status, bots that failed to run, and bot status.

Bot Status: Provides information about the status of the bots that were executed.

Top Failure Reasons: Provides information about the errors the deployed bots encounters. The errors are categorized into various groups and the number of errors for each group is displayed.

Upcoming Schedules: Provides information about all the bots that are scheduled to run.
Note: By default, the attribute Next Run Datetime displays time in Seconds. You can configure the setting in Zoomdata and set it to Minute, Hour, Day, Week, Month, or Year.

Home Bots Capacity Utilization: Provides information about all the bots that are executed in a particular Bot Runner machine. It displays the average run time of each bots.