Auto-login Credentials API overview

Use the Auto Login Credentials API to automate the login process in order to remotely run bots on locked devices. Users with an AAE_Admin role can create, update, or delete the login credentials.


When a bot is deployed from the Control Room to the Bot Runner, the bot logs in to the Bot Runner using the credentials stored in the Credential Vault. These credentials are set by the user using the Tools > Options > Login Settings of the Enterprise Client. Each time a user's Windows password is modified, the user must update the new password in the Enterprise Client.

To automate this process, use the following URLs to create, update, or delete the login credentials that are stored in the Credential Vault.

Create auto login credential values

POST http://<your_control_room_url>/v1/credentialvault/external/credentials/loginsetting
Body parameters: The following parameters are required.
Field Description
Username The username of the Automation Anywhere user
Windows_Username The Windows username for the computer
Windows_Password The Windows password for the computer
Note: If the Control Room is configured for Active Directory, use the following request body. Replace the text in the angle brackets with your credentials.
"Windows_Username":"<domain\\your username>", 
"Windows_Password":"<your password>" 

Example: Create auto login credentials

Update auto login credential values

PUT http://<your_control_room_url>/v1/credentialvault/external/credentials/loginsetting

Example: Update auto login credentials

Delete auto login credential values

DELETE http://<your_control_room_url>/v1/credentialvault/external/credentials/loginsetting

Example: Delete auto login credentials