Replace task steps with a MetaBot

Use MetaBots to encapsulate assets and logic to do common processes and tasks. MetaBots are reusable by other bots, allowing Bot developers to create a library of MetaBots for reuse.


  • The Import data to a MetaBot task must be completed successfully before you can complete this task.
  • Important: Verify that MyFirstTaskBot.atmx is complete and fully functional.


  1. Navigate to the main screen of the Automation Anywhere Enterprise Client where the Task Bot was created in Build a basic bot using the Enterprise Client.
  2. Open the Task Bot MyFirstTaskBot.atmx.
  3. Disable or delete all the " Set text `Filedata Column. . . " rows.
  4. Click the MetaBot tab.
  5. Drag and drop the MetaBot AddNewUsers.mbot between Start Loop and Stop Loop.

    A window titled MetaBot opens with a list of the Input Parameters created in the Logic for this MetaBot.

    1. Click the Value field next to the vFirstName Input Parameter.
    2. Press F2.
    3. In the list of variables, select the Fielddata Column.
    4. Click Insert.
    5. Clear the Column Number / Select Variable field and type the appropriate column number for each parameter.
      • Column 1 = vFistName
      • Column 2 = vLastName
      • Column 3 = vCompanyName
      • Column 4 = vEmail
      • Column 5 = vPhone
      • Column 6 = vUserName
      • Column 7 = vPassword
  6. Click Save.
  7. In the Workbench menu ribbon, click Save.

Next steps

To verify that the Task Bot works correctly, go to Verify a basic MetaBot. .