Using the OCR Feature

You can use the OCR feature to extract text from an image.

The OCR Feature command provides the following options:

  • Capture Window: Specify the window title. Automation Anywhere captures the window as an image.
  • Capture Area: Specify a specific area of the window to capture.
  • Capture Image By Path: To extract text that is contained within an image that is stored on your local or network drive, specify the location of the file. The drive must be accessible when you run the task.
  • Capture Image by URL: Specify a website URL that contains the image you want to capture.

Using Keywords to Identify Captured Text

To make specifying the target text to capture easier, use the Before and After keywords. For example, in the text string "Name: ABC Inc. Location:", to copy only "ABC Inc.," specify Before = "Location" and After = "Name:". You can also trim the captured text to remove leading and trailing spaces.