Automatically update TaskBots

From Version 11.3.4 and later, the Enterprise Client automatically downloads the latest TaskBots and associated dependencies from the Control Room when a user with Attended Bot Runner license logs in to the Enterprise Client. Additionally, the Parent Task option allows a user with Attended Bot Runner license to automatically update parent TaskBots and associated dependencies during run time.


  • Only those bots are updated on the Enterprise Client machine that have previously been downloaded by the user.
  • The Automatic updates option in Administration > Settings > Client application configuration is set to ON in the Control Room.
  • The user has required permissions to the bot set in the Control Room.
  • Parent TaskBots are those TaskBots that are not called by any other TaskBot or MetaBot.
The Parent Tasks option available for Enterprise Client users with Attended Bot Runner license allows you to view the status of parent TaskBots. If latest TaskBots are available, the feature enables you to Run the parent TaskBots so that they are automatically updated during run time.


  1. In the Enterprise Client main page, click Parent Tasks to launch the Parent Tasks window.
    The Server Status refreshes when the Parent Tasks window launches.
  2. Select the bot that shows the Server Status as Updated in the Parent Tasks window.
  3. Click Run to update the TaskBot at run time.
  4. Optional: Click Download to update the TaskBot manually.