Version Release Notes

Release date: 8th June 2021

Review the changed features, fixed features, and known limitations in Version for Automation Anywhere Control Room and Bot Insight. There are no new features or security fixes in this release.

Changed features

Control Room
Configure session timeout in the configuration settings (Service Cloud case ID: 00758230)

You can now configure the inactivity time in the range of 10-60 minutes in the Control Room configuration settings. The default value is 20 minutes. Depending on the time set, the user will be timed out after the specified minutes of inactivity.

Configuration settings

Fixed features

Control Room
Service Cloud case ID Description
00758690 The Work Items inserted in the queues are now deployed without any issues. Previously, the Work Items in Ready to run state were deployed with some delay.
00689357 You can now delete Work Items in a queue that are in Ready to run state.
00718137 You no longer encounter an issue when you retrieve the Work Items list using V2 API. Previously, an error displayed intermittently during retrieval.
00722351 The player is no longer stuck intermittently, and the Work Items in the queue are deployed successfully without any issues. Previously, the player was stuck intermittently, and as a result, the Work Items in Ready to run state were not deployed.
-- You can now use the workload management V2 API to update the Work Item status from Swagger. Previously, an issue was encountered when you tried to change the Work Item status using workload management V2 API.
00750032 When a queue is removed from the cache, an error does not occur now. Previously, a continuous error was logged in the deploy logs causing disk space issues.
00709303 If one occurrence of the schedule is affected due to an issue related to database connection or database downtime, all the subsequent occurrences of the schedule no longer result in an AUTOMATION_MISFIRE audit.
00625186, 727810 When the Auto Login credentials are created or updated using the POST and PUT method of API, the column values are now created and updated correctly in the CREDENTIAL_ATTRIBUTE_VALUES table in the database. Previously, using the REST APIs to set Auto Login credentials resulted in an error.
Bot Insight
Service Cloud case ID Description
00707752, 00697289, 00697242, 00742972 The COE and Business dashboards are now created correctly and display the data properly for Chinese locale. Previously, if you installed Automation Anywhere Control Room with Oracle Database for Chinese locale, the dashboards failed to render due to an issue with the date format in the Zoomdata datasource.
00730421, 00734144, 00761268 You can now extract the data from the Oracle Database using Bot Insight getbotrundata or gettaskvariableprofile APIs. Previously, an error was encountered when you use these APIs to retrieve data.

Known limitations

Control Room
When upgrading the Control Room from Version 11.3.4, Version, Version, Version to Version, you might experience a downtime. To avoid this downtime, before you start the upgrade, pause all the workload management queues and ensure that there are no Work Items in progress.
Note: You will not experience a downtime when upgrading the Control Room from Version to Version

Enterprise 11 upgrade considerations

Bot Insight
When you use the GET and POST method of Bot Insight APIs to retrieve the required data from the Oracle Database, an error message might appear in the BI_Service.log file as ORA-01873: the leading precision of the interval is too small. To resolve the error, follow the steps mentioned below:
Workaround: Ensure you have access to Create view script to change the database view.
  1. Open the Oracle SQL developer workbench to check the active Oracle Database server connection.
  2. Go to the Control Room database and expand the Views section.
  3. Right-click and select the Edit option from the context menu for API_JOBEXECUTION_USERS_DEVICES. The Edit view window opens.
  4. In the SQL Query tab of the Edit view window, replace 86400 with 24*60*60 in the extract method.
  5. Click the Test button to validate the updated SQL query.
  6. Click Ok
  7. Click on the Data tab in the View window of the API_JOBEXECUTION_USERS_DEVICES and verify the retrieved data.
  8. Restart the Automation Anywhere Bot Insight Service.