Licenses overview

The Control Room License page provides detailed information about the current license that is installed. It also enables the Admin user to monitor license details and usage statistics.

Therefore, an Admin user can view these details any time and avail information about the number of products purchased, the number of device licenses purchased, and number of licenses that are exactly in use.

Product licenses

Control Room integrates with other Automation Anywhere products such as BotFarm, Bot Insight and Cognitive Platform. The product license details shows the list of purchased products, along with license version and product license status as used, not used, or N/A.

If you have a Bot Insight license, Business Analytics is available by default with Control Room v11.0 and later.
Column Value
Type Product Name
Version Latest version number of the current installed product
Purchased Product has been purchased or not purchased
Used Product is in used, not used, or N/A status

Device licenses

Bot user license detail shows the number of device licenses that have been purchased and are currently in use.

Bot Creator (Development): Users with privilege to automate bot(s) in Enterprise Client.

Bot Runner
  • Attended Bot Runner(Runtime): Users with privilege to run bot(s). Users with an Attended Bot Runner license can run bots only on their workstations using the Enterprise Client. These users can also make use of local schedules and triggers for time or event based automation.

    Users with an Attended Bot Runner license can no longer create, edit, or delete schedules using the Enterprise Client. Task Bots already scheduled by the same user or a different user from the same machine will continue to be executed based on the previously defined schedule.

  • Unattended Bot Runner(Runtime): Users with an Unattended Bot Runner license can perform all automation tasks that Attended users can perform. Additionally, this license can also be used for Control Room deployment, centralized scheduling, and API based deployment.
  • IQ Bots: Users with an IQ Bot license can run IQ Bots within the parent Task Bots. The IQ Bot licenses can be distributed between Unattended and Attended Bot Runners. For example, if you have 50 licenses, you can allot any number between 0-50 to Unattended or Attended Bot Runners. But the total licenses distributed to Unattended and Attended Bot Runners cannot exceed 50.

    In the Control Room, the IQ Bot license shows the number of pages allowed for use.

Note: Users can opt for either a regular or a floating user license. In the floating license, a Bot Creator or a Bot Runner can use the Enterprise Client from any available machine in the Control Room network. When Bot Runners are hosted in a high-availability or disaster recovery model, this ensures automation continuity where if one Bot Runner stops working, the bots can be deployed through other Bot Runners in the network. This license is also useful in deployment environments such as dynamic VDIs, allocating a random virtual machine (VM) from a VM pool, and machine IP change by DNS round-robin method. These features are not available with the regular license.

BotFarm (Runtime): bot user count of licenses is measured in number of hours used by all runtime clients within BotFarm to execute a bot.

Bot Insight : It shows the number of user count having Business Analytics role - Bot Insight Consumer or Expert. And API count is measured in number of rows that the API fetches from the Bot Insight database.

Column Value
Type Type of license
Purchased No. of licenses purchased
Used No. of licenses in use