Version Release Notes

The Version release includes Enterprise Client support for Manifest V3 based extension.

This release includes only the Enterprise Client patch installer. You have to install only the Enterprise Client for this patch.

New feature

Enterprise Client
Support for Manifest V3 extension

Any of your existing automations that use Manifest V2 extensions for Google Chrome browser will be affected based on Google's planned deprecation for Manifest V2 extensions. By default, Enterprise 11 Version (and later) supports Manifest v3 extension by default for the features that use Google Chrome browser. We recommend that you now implement a plan to switch your automations to use the Manifest V3 extension.

Automations that use Google Chrome Manifest V2 based extensions will stop working after June 2023. The deprecation timelines for Manifest V2 based extensions are currently under review and subject to change by Google. For more information, see:

Known limitation

Enterprise Client
When you install Version patch in Silent mode, the Manifest V3 registry entries might not be present in the Registry editor. As a result, you cannot extend the Manifest V2 extensions using the group policy.

For workarounds and more information about the issue, see How to install Google Chrome Plugin.