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Bot lifecycle management

  • Mis à jour le : 2020/05/12
    • 11.3.x
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Bot lifecycle management

The Automation Anywhere Bot Lifecycle Management (BLM) utility enables you to move a bot from one environment to another. For example, you can move a bot from the development or testing environment to the production environment.

This utility easily integrates with the DevOps workflow that supports separate development, testing, acceptance, and production environments, and is important to seamlessly move bots along with their dashboards from one environment to another.

The BLM utility also enables you to move bots within different environments and helps you to prevent any failure or disruption of data. You need to export and then import a bot to move it from one environment to another. The Automation Anywhere BLM utility enables you to bundle all the dependencies of a bot when transitioning it through the different environments.

Version 11.3.3The BLM utility now supports both PostgreSQL and Oracle databases. Prior to Automation Anywhere Enterprise Version 11.3.3, BLM was supported only by SQL servers.

To move a bot from one environment to another:
  1. Export the bot from the Control Room in the source environment.
  2. Import the bot into the Control Room in the destination environment.
You must have AAE_Admin role to export and import the bots from the Control Room. You can also export an import bots using APIs.
Note: You must use the same version for exporting and importing a bot. For example, if you export a bot with version 11.3.2, you must import that bot using the same version.
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