Include all files - Master Bot, Task Bots, and MetaBots required to run your Digital Worker.

The following is a sample list:

File Description
MasterBot.atmx bot that calls Task Bots
Login.atmx Task Bot to login
Logout.atmx Task Bot to logout
Processingapp.atmx Task Bot that handles processing logic
MainLogic.mbot MetaBot for reusable automation
GUIScript.dll Shared library
Configuration.xls Config file
Input File.xlsx Sample Input File
Output File.xlsx Sample Output File
README.txt Include a README file that provides information on each bot's features, installation instructions, input/output parameter details, reusable components, and any special instructions.

If developing a MetaBot, include Assets and Logic.

MetaBot (.mbot) Description
MetaBot Must include Assets and Logic
Assets Screens and DLLs
Navigation Flow Logic that can be integrated into automation tasks when required
Variables Ensure you have variable operations and avoid hard coding

In Digital Worker packaging, covers what to include when submitting your Digital Worker.