Enterprise 11 bot execution orchestrator API

As a Control Room administrator or a user with View and Manage Scheduled Activity permission, deploy bots and monitor its progress using a set of Enterprise Control Room APIs.

Request details about files, folders and bots
Request details about bots, folders, and files by searching by names, relative paths, and ids in the Control Room where they are stored.
Enterprise 11: Request device details
Use this API to retrieve a list of devices that are available for bot deployment.
Deploy a bot
Deploy a bot on one or more devices using the bots id and the ids of the BOT_RUNNER devices.
Request bot progress
Request bot status by specifying the id for a bot.

High-level process for monitoring and deploying bots

  1. .../v2/repository/file/list : Retrieve the unique bot identification number used to deploy a bot.
  2. .../v2/activity/list: Generate a list of devices (Bot Runners) available for running bots, including the status of the device.
  3. .../v2/automations/deploy : Deploy a bot on multiple devices using the unique bot and device identification numbers.
  4. .../v2/activity/list : Monitor the bot progress based on its unique identification number.
Searchable fields for devices:
  • hostName: The host name of the device configured as a Bot Runner. If a naming convention is used for host names, searching on a unique substring in the host name is an effective way to identifies Bot Runner devices.
  • userId: The unique numeric identification for a specific user also identifies the Bot Runner device. Unique user naming conventions can be used to identify users and devices that are licensed and configured as Bot Runners.
Searchable fields for bots :
  • name: The unique name of a bot. You can search on the exact name (eq) or a text string (substring) that is contained in the bots name.
  • path: The relative path of a folder in the Control Room. You can search on a full path or a substring contained in the path.