Extracting Pattern-Based Data

When you need to extract data, which for instance, is spread over multiple pages and contains elements such as links you can use the 'Pattern Data' option in Extract Data .

To extract pattern-based data from a web site, follow these steps:

  1. In the Automation Anywhere main window, launch the Web Recorder in one of the following ways:
    • Click the New button and select Web Recorder.

    • Click on the Web Recorder link at the top.
    • Click on the Tools menu and select Web Recorder.

      The initial Web Recorder window is displayed.

  2. The system displays the 'Web Recorder Tip' window:

    Note: Select the Don't show this message again check box if you do not want the program to display the tip.

    The Web Recorder Toolbar is displayed, and Internet Explorer is launched in a new window with the website.

    Note: This feature works with Internet Explorer only.
  3. You can now perform any actions you like, including mouse clicks and text entry. When you need to extract regular data from the website, click the Extract Data button on the Web Recorder toolbar.

    The Extract Data Option window is displayed.

  4. Select the Pattern-based Data radio button and click Next.
  5. You can now highlight the data you want to extract
  6. Use it to set a pattern:
    1. Highlight the first line of text and click Capture in the window that pops up.
    2. Highlight a second line of text. This will set the pattern. The Extract Data Field window is displayed.
    3. Enter a name in the "Enter Column Name" field and click Save.
    4. The Extract Multiple Data window is displayed, containing the column name you saved.
    5. In the Extract Multiple Data window, you can do several things:
      • Add: Click the Add button to select additional data from the website and add another pattern that you want to capture. The data fields will be automatically viewed in the Classified Data Fields.
      • Edit: Click the Edit button to change the name of the pattern.
      • Delete: Click the Delete button to delete one or more patterns.
      • Copy: Click the Copy button to copy one or more patterns.
      • Paste: Click the Paste button to paste one or more copied patterns.
    6. Click Next when done.

      The second window of Extract Multiple Data is displayed.

    If the website has multiple pages from which you want to extract the patterned data, click the check box: "The data spans across multiple pages".

    Use the Capture button to capture the control name for moving to the next page. Images extracted from multiple web pages are saved in different folders.

  7. Click Next when done. The Preview Data section is displayed.

    The Preview Data section displays a preview of the captured data. Save extracted images or data as CSV files in separate folders, as required.

  8. Click Finish.
  9. Click the Stop Recording button on the Web Recorder toolbar.
  10. The Save Task window pops-up, wherein you can specify a task name. Optionally select a folder in which to save the task and click save.
    Note: The trial version supports extracting 5 pages of data for viewing only. No such limitation exists in the purchased version.