Select bots to migrate

Migrate all or selected bots from the source to the destination Control Room. When you select the bots, schedules associated with the bots are also migrated.


This tab is shown only if you select Bots and schedules in Settings tab.

Before selecting the bots, review the following considerations:

  • If the source Control Room has Version Control enabled then:
    • The version history of both the bots and bot dependencies is migrated
    • The production version which is last set is migrated. Configure version control in the destination Control Room manually because the source 10.x Version Control settings are not migrated.
    • Locked bots and files are unlocked and then migrated to 11.x.
    • Client Last Modified and Modified by fields for each version of the migrated bot is set to the name of the current Control Room user running the migration process. The Modified by field of the migrated bot is set to SYSTEM if the user referencing this field is not migrated in 11.x.
    • The date of the folder creation is set to the date of the migration to the destination Control Room when a bot is migrated for the first time. The date of the bot file is set to the system date and time when the bot file was uploaded in the source Control Room. If version control is set, then the date of the latest version of the bot file is taken. By default, version control is not set.
  • Only the selected bots with associated dependencies and schedules are migrated. Migrate roles and users separately.
  • When migrating a bot and its schedule, if the user who created the schedule is not migrated to 11.x or deleted in 10.x, then these schedules are not migrated.
  • Manual dependencies associated with the bot are also migrated.
  • Password-protected bots and the corresponding schedules are not supported in 11.x and they cannot be migrated.
  • Schedules that are password-protected are also not migrated.
  • Migrating a folder is not possible. To migrate all the files in a folder, select all the files in that folder.
  • If a 10.x bot to be migrated already exists in 11.x, then it is not migrated.
  • If you select a bot from 10.x that has the same name in 11.x, the bot and the corresponding schedules are not migrated.
  • If the Modified by field for bot(s) fails to migrate, the field shows the name as SYSTEM in the My bots and Edit page.
  • When the following options are selected, do the following:
    • When Exclude MetaBots is selected, you must migrate those separately. This also means that if MetaBots are part of a Task Bot as dependency they shall NOT be migrated. Also, the My MetaBots folder is not displayed in the Folders list of the repository.
    • When Overwrite if bot already exists is selected, existing bots are overwritten if the bots were migrated from the 10.x Control Room in a previous migration run. However, bots with same name that are created or uploaded in 11.2 are not overwritten. The migration of these bots fails.
      • The dependent subtask bots, MetaBots, and files are overwritten but schedules are not overwritten when the system overwrites bots.
      • If version control is enabled in both systems, selecting this option overwrites the version history and new version numbers are allotted to the bots.
    • When Include Historical Activity is selected, the task run history of the selected bots and their dependencies are migrated from the 10.x Control Room to the 11.x version on successful migration. If the bots were already migrated in the previous migration run and the history was not, when migrating the data next time, the migration process skips to migrate the bots and migrates the corresponding task run history. The historical activity migration fails because of the following reasons:
      • If you have not migrated the associated User and Task Bot.
      • If you have not used the same Device as that of 10.x for migration.


  1. Go to the folder from which you want to migrate the bots in the Folders list.
    The bots corresponding to the selected folder appear in the Available bots list.
  2. Select the check box next to Type to select all bots from that specific folder.
    Alternatively, select specific Task Bots from the list of bots.
    Browse through all the folders and select bots from the individual folders. If the selected folder has subfolders, those also appear in this list as disabled. To migrate all bots from a subfolder, expand and select the subfolder from the Folders list and select the bots separately.
  3. Add the bots to the Selected list.
    An unprotected bot created in Enterprise 10 and migrated to Enterprise 11 can have a duplicate GUID. Control Room will create a new unique GUID for the migrated bot to avoid data conflict in the Bot Insight dashboard.
  4. Click Next.

Next steps

Verify data and migrate