Add name and description

Add a name and description for the automation using Run bot with queue.


The system assigns the automation Name that contains the filename, date, time, and username by default. This is automatically generated and can be changed based on your requirement.


  1. Name: Enter a name for the automation.
  2. Enter a Description.
    Tip: This could describe the purpose of running the bot with a queue.
  3. Click Run now.
    The status of the queue changes from Not in use to In use in the Queues list on the Queues page.

    Note that this queue will not be available for any other automation. This means that only one queue can be used by one bot.

Next steps

  1. Estimate the device pool size or time required to process a given queue size. See Manage workload SLAs.
  2. If required, update the file to configure the time interval required to trigger an automation. See Sample Workload Management properties file.