Enterprise 11 Windows Actions command

Use the Windows Actions command to automate Windows-based actions, for example, activating, resizing, minimizing, maximizing, or closing an application window.


The Windows Actions command automates tasks that involve manipulating windows. From the Select Window drop-down menu, users specify the window to be activated.

The windows application should be open while automating tasks. Minimizing the application will not affect the task automation.

Click Refresh if the application is running but unavailable.

Note: You cannot perform automation on the Automation Anywhere application window.
Activate Window
Activates an application that is already running.
Close Window
Closes an active window.
Maximize Window
Maximizes an active window.
Minimize Window
Minimizes an active window..
Resize Window
Resizes an active window.
Capture: Click the button to retrieve the dimensions of the window.
Get Active Window Title
Assigns the active window title to a variable.
Common Errors
Users can encounter the following error when using the Window Actions Command > Activate Window:
Cannot find window or application titled <window title> that was open during recording.
Possible Reasons:
  • The Window/Application that was open when recording the Task Bot / MetaBot Logic, might be closed.
  • The Window/Application no longer exists.
Possible Solutions:
  • Launch/Open Window/Application and run the Task Bot / MetaBot Logic.
  • Check whether the Window/Application exists in its destination folder/path.