Version 11.3.3 Release Notes

These release notes describe new features, changed features, fixed features, security fixes, deprecated features, and known limitations in Version 11.3.3 for Automation Anywhere Control Room, Enterprise Client, and Bot Insight.

New features

Control Room new features
Feature Description
Bot Store integration
Enhanced user interface to set the time value when scheduling a bot (Zendesk # 96099)

When scheduling a bot, you can set the Start and End time by selecting a time value from the drop-down list, which contains pre-defined time values in the 12-hour format at intervals of 15 minutes. This enables you to quickly select the time from the list, or manually set the time for the values that are not available. See Enterprise 11: Schedule a bot.

Filter work item results (Zendesk # 151417) The Work Item Results column is introduced in the Work Items view table on the Queues page to quickly filter the work item results. You can use this to take the necessary actions on the queue tables.

See Enterprise 11: Actions allowed on view queue page.

Filter the Start time and End time in the List work item API (Zendesk # 186813, 238660) To find specific information, you can now filter the Start time and End time columns when you use the List work item API.

See List all work items in a queue.

Automatically reinstall Control Room during repair or reinstall process

When repairing or reinstalling the Control Room, after the uninstallation completes, you do not have to manually run the setup file to reinstall the Control Room. The reinstallation process starts automatically using the previous settings. See Uninstall or repair Control Room installation.

Google Chrome support for MetaBot MetaBot capabilities are supported in Google Chrome. See Supported browsers.
Migrate version 10.x Historical activity to version 11.x

Introduced the option to Include Historical Activity when migrating bots using the Bots and Schedules option. This option enables you to retain the task run history of the bots that need to be migrated to version 11.x. See Select bots to migrate.

After the migration process completes, you can view the status of the historical activity migration (success or failure) in the History tab of the View Migration page. See Analyze migration status.

Google Cloud Platform support for Control Room cloud installation Install Control Room on a Google Cloud Platform instance running Microsoft Windows Server 2019, 2016, or 2012. See Enterprise 11: Installing Control Room on Google Cloud Platform.
Added TLS support for distributed caching and messaging communication across nodes in a cluster

Distributed caching and messaging communication across nodes is now over TLS.

Configurable properties enable you to selectively disable TLS in addition to disabling/enabling authentication.
Mapping Active Directory (AD) to roles in Control Room You can map Active Directory (AD) security groups to roles in Control Room. These roles provide access to Control Room objects, such as bots, folders, devices, credentials, and Credential Vault lockers. You can use this information to dynamically assign roles to users, depending on the AD groups that they belong to.

Maximum 200 Active Directory (AD) groups can be mapped to roles in the Control Room.

See Map Active Directory roles.

Enterprise Client new features
Feature Description
Uninstall Flex plug-in using Command line You can use the Control Panel or a command line interface to uninstall the Flex plug-in installed by the Automation Anywhere Enterprise Client. See Uninstall or reinstall plug-ins.
Interactively capture objects from SAP GUI application You can now interactively capture objects from the SAP GUI application using the GUI Automation command. This command enables you to capture objects with the click of a mouse.
Install Enterprise Client chrome plug-in without internet access. (Zendesk # 125883, 174341) You can use the command line interface to install the Enterprise Client Google Chrome plug-in, even when you do not have internet access. See Install plug-ins in offline mode.
Enable or disable ROI settings logs (Zendesk # 200865, 217246, 217939) You can use the Enable or Disable ROI Settings Logs to maintain the performance level of Bot Runners . Disable the logs from Tools > Options > ROI Settings if you notice performance degradation on the Bot Runner machines. See Using ROI Settings.
Bot Store integration
  • Create and store Digital Workers or bot packages in the default Bot Store folder.

    See Organizing Bot Store Digital Workers and bots.

  • This enables you to configure the required parameters and bot codes, which are not exposed for the protected bots. Vendor IP or the IP of the original author of the bot is now secured when viewing and playing the protected bots downloaded from the Bot Store. The source code of the protected bot or MetaBot is also not exposed. However, you can configure the value of the variables used in the protected bot or MetaBot. See Viewing and playing protected bots.
Enterprise Client and Remote Agent for Citrix are Citrix Ready certified Automation Anywhere Remote Agent is now Citrix Ready certified. This certification is a validation of our product meeting the requirements set by Citrix for its partners. As an added benefit of the certification, we are now listed on the Citrix Ready Marketplace - a vital source for Citrix customers.
Auto login in Citrix environment (Zendesk # 135938, 128709) You can use the auto login feature to log into a Citrix environment if it has locked out or logged off. See Citrix Automation pre-Version 11.3.2.
Create zip package for the Bot Store or Digital Worker from Enterprise Client You can now seamlessly create a zip package for the Bot Store bot or Digital Worker from the Enterprise Client instead of creating it manually from the File Explorer. The zip creation identifies all the required dependencies and creates a folder structure that is consistent with the Bot Store. You can now directly use the zip package and submit it to the Bot Store for the end users. See