Advanced MetaBot summary and best practices

In this task 2 DLLs were integrated into a MetaBot and Logic was developed to perform operations with an external library and REST API.

Why use MetaBots?

  • Create independent, highly reusable automation blueprints of applications, DLLs, and commands facilitated by automation Logic.
  • Leverage the MetaBot library to rapidly standardize org-wide automation.
  • Ensure systematic, accelerated automation return on investment (ROI).
  • Eliminate common navigational errors in complex automation tasks.
  • Automate without requiring access to live application.
  • Calibrate newer versions of applications used in a MetaBot to ensure compatibility.

Best practices for developing DLLs to use in MetaBots

  • Test the DLL code in an integrated development environment (IDE) before integrating the DLL into a MetaBot.
  • Debugging code in an IDE is much faster than debugging it in the Automation Anywhere Enterprise Client.