Enterprise 11: Installing Control Room using Express mode

Log in to the server as Administrator, and install Automation Anywhere Control Room in Express mode using the default settings.


The Express mode installation quickly sets up the Control Room with default parameters for the various components. This installation mode is ideal for showcasing a demo and training purpose. This installation mode is not recommended for the production environment.

Default parameters

Microsoft SQL Server is the default database for both Control Room and Bot Insight. The Oracle Server database can only be installed through Enterprise 11: Installing Control Room using Custom mode.

The following parameters are installed by default:

Parameter Default value
SQL database instance SQLEXPRESS
Authentication type Windows authentication
Control Room database CRDB-NEW
Bot Insight databases BIVisualization, BIVisualization-keyset, BIVisualization-scheduler, BIVisualization-upload, and BotInsight
Port 1433
In Express mode installation:
The logged in user permissions are used.
Two databases are required: One Control Room and one Bot Insight PostgreSQL Server databases created.

During installation, you have the option to specify a user, other than the logged on user, for creating and managing the Automation Anywhere Enterprise required databases. This user must have minimum database permissions. The permissions required vary depending upon the Automation Anywhere Enterprise version, and the installation mode selected.

Database user condition Database required permission Notes
Custom,Version 11.3.4 or later, Microsoft SQL Server database Can have the minimum database permissions: datareader, datawriter and ddladmin. Microsoft SQL Server database must be created before Control Room installation.
Custom, Version 11.3.4 or later, Oracle Database Can have the minimum database permissions: GRANT CONNECT, RESOURCE, CREATE TABLE, CREATE VIEW Oracle Database database must be created before Control Room installation.
Custom, older than Version 11.3.4 Database Owner (DBO) permissions. Databases created during Control Room installation.


To install Automation Anywhere Control Room in Express mode, follow these steps:

  1. Extract all files from the Automation_Anywhere_Setup.zip file.
  2. Double-click the AAE_MSSQL_Express_2014SP1.exe.
    The installation process creates the SQLEXPRESS instance that is used for the Control Room and the Bot Insight databases. The installation process uses this instance to create a database with the name CRDB_NEW and configures the database as the default Control Room database.
  3. Right-click the Automation Anywhere setup file and select Run as administrator.
    The installation process checks for supported operating system and for minimum hardware requirements and shows the following message if the requirements are not met:
    This system does not meet the minimum OS or hardware requirements for installing Automation Anywhere Enterprise. 
    If you continue installation, some of the product features might not work as expected. 
    NOTE: Refer Control Room Installation Prerequisites topic for minimum system requirements. 
    Enterprise 11 Control Room prerequisites
  4. Click Next in the Welcome to the Setup Wizard.
    The installation process checks the availability of the following components:
    • Microsoft Visual C++ 2013 Redistributable Package
    • Microsoft OLEDB Driver for SQL Server
    If any of the above components is not available, the system notifies you with an installation pop-up window. After both components are successfully installed, the License Agreement screen is shown.
  5. Accept the licensing agreement and click Next.
    The Installation Prerequisite Check screen is shown.
  6. If your system meets all the installation prerequisites, click Continue.
    If the installation prerequisites are not met, complete the required system updates, free up some resources and click Refresh before continuing with the installation.
    Note: If you continue with the installation when all the prerequisites are not met, some of the Automation Anywhere Enterprise features might not work as designed.
  7. Select the Express option. In the Elasticsearch credential screen, perform these steps:
    1. Enter the Elasticsearch password.
    2. Click Next.
      Note: The Check if installing on the first node of backup server check box is not enabled in Express mode installation because Elasticsearch backup is not supported in this mode.
  8. After configuring the Elasticsearch credentials in Express mode, the Database Configuration screen appears. Perform these steps:
    1. Enter the port you want to use to connect to the database server in the Port field.
      By default, this is set to 1433.
    2. Optional: Select the Use Windows Authentication option to use windows authentication to connect to the database server.
      The system disables the Username and Password fields.
    3. Optional: OSelect the SQL Server authentication option to use the SQL Server authentication to connect to the database server. Enter the credentials to be used to connect to the database server in the Username and Password fields.
      Note: The user who connects to the database server must have database creator rights.
    4. Enter the name of the database that you want to use for Control Room in the Name of Control Room database field.
    5. Enter name of the database you want to use for Bot Insight in the Name of Bot Insight database field.
  9. Click Next.
    The Ready to Install the Program screen appears.
  10. Click Install and allow the installation process to complete.

    A services utility panel lists the Automation Anywhere Windows Services that are installed. If the service fails to start, a red X is displayed.

    The InstallShield Wizard Completed screen appears.
  11. Click Finish.
    Launch Automation Anywhere is enabled by default.
    The Control Room launches in your default browser with the Configure Control Room settings page displayed.
    Enable Show installer settings to open the aae-installsummary.html file. By default, this is located at C:\Program Files\Automation Anywhere\Enterprise\. Use this file to view a summary of the installation.

Next steps

Complete Control Room configuration and validation.

Control Room post-installation configuration
After installing the Control Room, complete the configuration settings to ensure timely Automation Anywhere communications are specified, confirm Automation Anywhere services are running, configuring the Access Manager reverse proxy and Control Room authentication options, and installing a license.
Control Room post-installation validation
After installing the Enterprise Client and completing the post-installation tasks, validate the Enterprise Client by logging in to the Control Room and installing a license. First time access to the Control Room walks you through configuration for your authentication method.

Prepare for users.

User management overview
As a Control Room admin, you can create, view, edit, delete, and enable or disable user accounts. Creating user accounts depends on the non-Active Directory, Active Directory, or single sign-on (SSO) credentials from an IdP server.
Enterprise Client installation
Review the installation core tasks and topics for installing Enterprise Client on any machine running a supported operating system.