Trial license

Automation Anywhere Control Room ships trial License with an evaluation period of 30 days. Use a trial license to assess the product and make an informed purchasing decision.

Trial license offers three Bot Creators and two Bot Runners to begin with; also a user can contact System Administrator or Automation Anywhere Sales to purchase a new license or extend the existing trial license.

To purchase an extended license or to install a new license:

  1. Login to Control Room as an Administrator. The Dashboard homepage is displayed.
  2. A notification is displayed with remaining days for license expiry. Click Show details. A message appears with a link to Install a new license or to contact System Administrator or Automation Anywhere Sales

To view Bot license and usage statistics, go to Administration > Click Licenses.

Note: Product and bot user license statistics is only visible to users with Admin role and users with License management permission,

The License page shows Product and bot User license statistics with details.