Enterprise 11: Create a Readme file

It is important that each bot submitted to the Bot Store have its own Readme PDF file. These Readme files allow end users to understand how to install and use bots.

Each Task Bot (.atmx files) or MetaBot (.mbot files) must have its own Readme file. Each Readme file must include the following:

  • Overview: Description of the Task Bot
  • Prerequisites:
  • Installation steps: Include details about the configuration file and any other input files (except Credentials) that are required for the bot to work.
  • Parameter table: Include a table listing parameters that the end user must use to configure the bot. The table must cover the following:
    • Parameter name
    • Type, for example, string or integer
    • Variable direction, for example, input or output

    Additional information that describes the parameter.

  • Task Bot : Include only input parameters required for setting up the Task Bot. Do not list internal variables not required for setup.
  • MetaBot : It is important to have parameter tables for input and output variables for MetaBots.