Build a simple MetaBot with one DLL

Add a custom DLL to a MetaBot to provide basic input and output to automated tasks and digital workers.

Here is a list of all the necessary tasks to create a simple custom DLL and add that DLL to a MetaBot. Complete the listed tasks in order.

Step 1: Create a simple DLL
Perform this task to create a simple dynamic link library (DLL) that is used to build an advanced bot.
Step 2: Create a basic MetaBot
As a bot developer, perform this task to create a MetaBot
Step 3: Add a DLL to the MetaBot
Add a single DLL to a MetaBot to enable dynamic input and output.
Step 4: Add Logic and local variables to a basic MetaBot
Add MetaBot Logic to define the actions of the MetaBot and how it interacts with other Logic and bots.
Step 5: Manage variables in a basic MetaBot
Manage the variables created in "Create local variable in a MetaBot."
Step 6: Assemble a basic MetaBot
After creating all the logic, variables, and other components of a MetaBot, the pieces need to be assembled to make a functioning MetaBot.
Step 7: Verify a basic MetaBot works
Run the MetaBot created in this task to verify that it works as expected.