Callback URLs for bot deployment

As an administrator, you can configure the Control Room Deployment settings with known callback URLs.


  • Log in as an Admin user to view or configure Deployment settings.
  • Identify a known callback URL.
  • Role: AAE_Admin


  1. Navigate to ADMINISTRATION > Settings > General > CONTROL ROOM DATABASE & SOFTWARE.
    Find the Deployment settings section. Check whether Deployment settings are enabled and that there is at least on Callback URL.
  2. To add or update Deployment settings, click the Edit icon for the Configuration settings page.
  3. On the CONTROL ROOM DATEBASE & SOFTWARE tab, scroll to the Deployment settings section.
  4. Enable Bot Runner deployment session on Control Room and add a known Callback URL.
    Note: The parent Callback URL must be added in the trusted list. You can append additional URL path parameters to a parent URL allowing you to have variable paths appended to the parent Callback URL.
    • The trusted list parent URL.


    • Additional appended callback path is valid because parent URL is in the trusted list.


  5. Click Save changes.