Work with MetaBot Designer using the Enterprise Client

The MetaBot Designer is included with the Enterprise Client. An Automation Anywhere adiministrator configures that appropriate licenses and packaging to enable the Master Bot Designer.

Access the MetaBot Designer from the Enterprise Client.

Launching the MetaBot Designer

After successful installation of Enterprise Client setup, the feature is added to the product under the Automate Tab.

Click on 'MetaBots' to launch the MetaBot Designer.

Understanding MetaBot Designer in the Enterprise Client

Understand the MetaBot Designer

You can access the features illustrated below in MetaBot Designer:

  • New - Use this to create a New MetaBot. The MetaBot thus created does not include any Assets or Logic; its empty. You can start with either - 'Record Screen', 'Add Screen' or even 'Add DLL' based on the purpose for which the MetaBot needs to be created.

    Tip: The MetaBots are saved to the application path in the 'My MetaBots' folder.
  • Record - Record is an alternate method of creating a MetaBot. Here, at-least one MetaBot will be present as its recorded.
  • My MetaBots This tab is shown by default; it displays all MetaBots. This tab is always open, by default.
    Note: Each selected MetaBot opens in its own tab:
  • Configure - Use this to edit your application properties for the recorded/added screen.

    Object properties configuration

  • Calibrate - Use this to to instantly compare an existing screen with a newer screen to identify changes if any.

    Calibrate screens

  • Upload - Use this to upload the MetaBots to the Control Room for download by other MetaBot users.

    Upload considerations for MetaBots

  • Delete - Use this to delete MetaBots, Screens and Dlls.
  • Export/Import - Use this to export and import MetaBots for use in different Control Room setups.