View Bot details

The View bot page provides information such as the name and other details of the bot. You can also either run the bot or schedule when to run the bot.

When you click the View icon View for a bot in the Files and folders area of the My bots page, the View bot page opens.

When version control is enabled and the production version is set, the View bot page also displays the Production version and Version control fields.

If the Automatically assign the latest version option is selected in the Settings > Bots (Version Control) page, all the production versions of the bot are set to the latest version. See Bots - Configure Version Control.

  • When version control is enabled, the dependencies that are displayed are based on whether production version is enabled or not.
  • When production version is enabled, the dependencies for that production version of the bot and its dependents are displayed.
  • When production version is not enabled for any dependent file, the dependency information for that bot is not displayed.

The following table lists the different areas of the View bot page.

Area Description
Task Bot details

Use this area to view the following details of the folder:

  • Size: Displays the size of the bot in KB or MB.
  • Path: The location of the bot.
  • Production version: The production version that is set either manually or assigned automatically.
  • Version Control: The status of the bot, whether it is locked or unlocked for editing by the Bot Creator.
  • Client Last Modified: The date on which the file was last modified on the Bot Creator machine before it was uploaded to the Control Room.

    If version control is enabled and the production version is set, the date is when that particular production version was last set by Control Room user.

Note: Production version and version control details are visible only when version control is enabled.
Manage dependencies Enables you to manually add or remove dependencies to or from the Task Bot during bot deployment from the Control Room. You can access the My Docs, My Exes, and My Scripts folders to add dependencies.
Note: You must have Run or Schedule, or Run + Schedule permissions to access these folders.
Review dependencies for <bot name>

Displays the bot and its dependencies.

The dependency icon Privileges will display red if you do not have sufficient privileges for the dependent bot or file.

The manually added dependencies are tagged as Manual.

General details

Use this area to view the following details for the folder:

  • Last modified: Displays the date and time when changes were last made to the folder.
  • Modified by: Displays the name of the user who last made changes to the folder.
    Note: You must have the View user basic permission to view information about the user who last modified the folder.
  • Bot type: Displays the type of the bot, such as Task Bot or MetaBot.
  • Object type: Displays the object type, such as bot.