Debugging Task Bot

Automation Anywhere enables users to debug Task Bot Logic.

Follow these steps:


  1. Display the Debug Toolbar either:
    • click Enable Debugging,
    • or click the Debug menu and select Enable Debugging.
    The Variable(s) Watch Table window is displayed.
  2. Insert Breakpoints in the Task.
    Select a command and insert a Breakpoint either:
    • click Toggle Breakpoint on the Debug Toolbar,
    • or press F9.
  3. Debug the Logic action-by-action with the Step Over button (or the F10 function key).
  4. Run the task in Debug mode one command at a time to isolate any errors.
  5. To remove a Breakpoint, select the command and either:
    • click Toggle Breakpoint,
    • or press F9.
    To clear all Breakpoints, click the Clear All Breakpoints button on the Debug Toolbar.
  6. Click Set SnapPoint to capture images of the Task while it runs. Click Visualize to view the images that are captured when using the Set SnapPoint option in Debug mode.
  7. To stop debugging, either
    • click Disable Debugging,
    • or click the Debug menu and select Disable Debugging.
    • Automation Anywhere does not store debugging information (Breakpoints). When exiting application, be aware that all Breakpoint information will be lost.
    • The Debug menu option is disabled for a protected bot.
    • The Enable Debugging option is not available for a protected bot.