Enterprise 11: Passing parameters from Task Bots to MetaBots

An automation that uses different Task Bots needs the ability to pass parameters back and forth among the different bots included in the automation.

Create variables with different parameter types to enable bot to bot input and output.

Parameter types:

  • None
  • Input
  • Output
  • InputOutput
Based on its parameter type, variables are used as an input parameter, output parameter, or both in Task Bot and MetaBot Logic.
  • Input parameters add values to the variable or assign another variable as its value.
  • Output parameters assign variables as its value for output to other bots or end users.
Following are some important facts about using variables:
  • Developer-created variables can be used with most Automation Anywhere commands.
  • All command fields with the light bulb icon support variables.
  • Press the F2 function key to list all user and system variables that are available for a selection.
  • When a Task Bot runs, Automation Anywhere replaces the variable name with the actual value of the variable.