Enterprise 11: Data center requirements

Automation Anywhere Enterprise is deployed on servers in a data center. This topic lists the data center requirements and provides links to full descriptions of each requirement.

Click the list item to view additional information. If you are deploying to an Enterprise production environment Automation Anywhere is deployed across multiple servers in both High Availability and Disaster Recovery configurations for maximum data protection and bot functionality. The following describes the data center configuration requirements.

Enterprise 11 database requirements
For Oracle Database, one instance of the database with two separate schemas of the same database are required. For Microsoft SQL Server, two databases on the same instance of the database server are required. View the list of supported databases, database server type, version, hardware, and operating system requirements, and database backup and recovery requirements.
Enterprise 11: Working with SQL Servers
Configure Microsoft SQL Servers before setting up the Control Room database.
Enterprise 11: Load balancer requirements
View the load balancer requirements for Automation Anywhere installation. This includes load balancer minimums, and both TCP and HTTPS layer load balancing requirements.
Control Room ports, protocols, and firewall requirements
View the default and configurable firewall, port, and protocol requirements for Automation Anywhere deployment.
Version control requirements
Optionally, install a version control system (VCS) suitable to your environment, enable the installed VCS for a repository from the Control Room and use the version control features using the respective Enterprise Client.
Supported browsers
Supported browsers are used to access the Control Room. In the Enterprise Client, build bots with tasks that use a supported browser. Automation Anywhere Enterprise provides browser-specific plug-ins.
Enterprise 11 capacity and performance planning
To plan your deployment capacity and performance, understand the requirements, limits, and defaults that determine the number of simultaneous bots, user sessions, and processing rates.
HA, DR, and single-node deployments
Identify your key requirements before selecting a deployment model. Automation Anywhere Enterprise offers multiple deployment options to meet various levels of enterprise cost/price performance and resiliency needs. This includes installation on single-nodes, Highly Available (HA) clusters at single locations, and Disaster Recovery (DR) across geographically separated sites.
Enterprise 11: High Availability deployment model
The High Availability (HA) deployment model provides failure tolerance for the Control Room servers, services, and databases.
Enterprise 11 disaster recovery deployment model
The Disaster Recovery (DR) deployment model uses High Availability (HA) clusters distributed over a geographic area.