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Configuring LDAP schema

  • Mis à jour le : 2020/03/02
    • 11.3.x
    • Installer
    • Enterprise

Configuring LDAP schema

Starting from Version, you can configure LDAP schema for communication between the Control Room and Active Directory. LDAP schema is mainly used with the discover connections option.


  1. Go to the Control Room installation path.
  2. From the list of files, open the file with an XML editor such as Notepad++.
  3. Define the property in the file.
    For example,
    Select one of the following options for defining the value of the property.
    • ldap

      Control Room will use the LDAP schema to communicate with the Active Directory. This is the default value.

    • ldaps

      Control Room will use the secure LDAP (LDAPS) schema to communicate with the Active Directory.

  4. Save the file and restart these services: Automation Anywhere Control Room Caching, Automation Anywhere Control Room Messaging, and Automation Anywhere Control Room Service.
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