Viewing version history of MetaBots

Use version history to view the history of updates to the selected MetaBot. You can also roll back updates, if required.

When you select Version History, you can view a list of all revisions created for the selected MetaBot.

Viewing history of file versions

You can view the version history (version details) of the selected MetaBot using either the context menu or the actions list.

The version history is displayed in descending order of the time stamp, that is, the latest revision at the top and the first revision at the bottom. You can identify the user and the relevant action that was performed during a specific date and time with relevant check in comments.

Rolling back updates

You can also roll back the updates to a specific revision. Use the rollback option to revert updates or changes in the selected MetaBot to the selected revision from the version history.
Tip: Ensure that the MetaBot Designer client is closed before using rollback.

Select the revision to which you want the updates to be rolled back and confirm:

When you confirm the rollback, all the changes done since the selected revision to the latest revision will be rolled back and a success message is displayed:

Note: Check in (upload) the file after it is rolled back to the selected revision so that the latest revisions are reflected in the updates.