Using the Run Task Command

Nests several child Task Bots into a master Task Bot.


To insert a Run Task command, follow these steps:

  1. Double-click or drag the Run Task command to the Task Actions List pane.
    The Run Task window opens.
  2. Select the task either using Browse or enter the path using a Variable.
    If you are using a variable for the file path, use only the system variable $AAApplicationPath$. If you are using a locally defined or any other system variable, the subtask with such variables is not uploaded to the Control Room. Users recieves a Variabalized Path in the Remarks column of the Upload Dependencies dialog box.
  3. Select one of the options: Repeat, Speed, or Variable.
    • Repeat: Runs the selected task multiple times for a specified number of times or for a number of hours. The task can be repeated until the user chooses to stop it.
    • Speed: Sets the replay speed of the task. Three speeds are available: Standard (same speed as recorded), High Speed, and Turbo Action (mouse moves are removed).
    • Variable: Passes a variable from the master task (Main Task Variable) to the subtask (Run Task Variable).
      • Variables can only be associated if they belong to the same category (Value variable types with other Value variable types, and Array variable of Value types with another Array variable of Value types).
      • In Array variables, only the Array variable with Value type is supported, whereas Array variables such as Read from text, excel, or csv are not supported.
      • Inserting variables in Run Task Variable: To specify the mapping variables for Run Task, either select a variable from the existing variables list or insert a new variable.
      • Quick Mapping of Variables: A Quick Map ensures that a large number of variables with the same nomenclature are associated between tasks. On selection of another task (using browse), the current mapping is lost.
        • If you click Quick Map without specifying a task, then the following message is displayed: Please specify valid task path.
        • If the child task does not contain any matching variable compared to the parent task, then the following message is displayed: 0 Variables have been mapped.
        • Variables from a changed bot not matching the name and type requirements of the original mapping should be removed and the user prompted to update the mapping.
        • If the bot has been changed, then the Enterprise Client tries to retain all of the valid mapping, reducing the user effort.

        Mapping of Workflow Variables is also possible in similar fashion.

        Note: It is possible to pass value type variables marked as Regular Expression.
  4. Click Save.
If a task deployed from Control Room fails with the error Please provide a valid file, see Task deployed from control room fails with error 'Please Provide Valid File' (A-People login required).